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A Great Mattress

I've only had the Chattam and Wells mattress for a day, but it was definitely the right choice. I definitely expect this to last me at least most of the rest of my life, if not all of it. And I had never noticed the Prince's Feathers on the cover until it was deivered. The mark of the Prince of Wales. You're only allowed to use it if you make goods for the Prince of Wales. Hmm, this Prince or a previous one? I'm sleeping like royals!

Takes some getting used to, though. I kept waking up disoriented. Somehow, I was used to knowing where I was in the bed by feeling the raised lip of the edge of the mattress. I will have to re-internalize my sleep experience. However, once I got past that, it was great. Ming, the Siamese Clock, came to get me up at dawn, and I lured him up onto the bed. Next thing I knew, it was 9:45 a.m. and the cat was asleep beside me. Bwahaha! Never underestimate the power of a good mattress! I could get used to this.
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