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Prepare to Die...

So some scumbags mugged my goddaughter, chaoswolf, last night. I am pissed. Actually, it brings out my Mother Wolf tendencies, wanting to go bash a few heads together. (Well, actually, punching them in the gut until they throw up is the most appealing image, a technique I favored in the Bad Old Days.) The old Streetfighter in me has woken up, and is not happy. I didn't realize that side was still there, but it apparently never goes away, just slumbers under the surface. I'm just glad she's okay.

Complicated sets of emotions. Relief that money was all they wanted. Bad memories. Satisfying memories. A Hunter pacing by the door of the cage. Wanting to give hugs. Relief they were caught. Wanting more satisfaction than the System can give. Wanting to have them taste fear, pain. Segue back to hugs and relief.

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