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When comfort is not the norm...

You get used to being a certain way. Your mind just accepts it as the way things are, and moves on. I remember how strange it was the first time that I *didn't* have pain in my back, it had become such a part of me for so long. Something was weird, and for a while I couldn't figure it out. Then it finally hit me that nothing hurt. At all. It was totally unfamiliar.

The mattress has become one of those things. I've been waking up in the middle of the night thinking something is wrong. Then I realize that I'm really comfortable, and I don't have shooting pains in an arm, or numb hands, or a lot of issues related to an old and decrepit mattress. And realize I'm feeling really good. Then I go back to sleep. I think it's similar to being so used to noise that you can't fall asleep when it's quiet. I'd like to get used to this.

I've been sleeping a lot better at Civil War events, lately, too. This year, for the very first time, I've been sleeping on a cot, rather than just a backpacker pad. Okay, so I'm not the "hardened campaigner" I used to be, but I think that after 20+ years, I don't have to prove anything any more. I'm amazed at how comfortable even a cot about as wide as my shoulders can be.

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