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Chiropractic is a joy forever

I have been barely maintaining since last weekend. My body hurt. My head hurt. I was in bad shape. Fortunately, I got an appointment for Wednesday with my OLD (now retired) chiropractor's chiropractor, who is really good. He found my headache, and the numb arm, and all that, and shifted everything back where it should be. Then I got a massage, last night, to follow up. Lori used Tiger Balm. Today, I feel like a human being again. And no headache!

And I'm remembering stuff I should have done at work, earlier in the week. I know I was dissociating a lot, as a form of pain management, so it's nice to know *someone* in here was remembering what needed to get done, even if the primary level wasn't dealing. I should actually check and make sure I *didn't* already do the work. It's happened before.
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