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New Blood for Civil War

We got a couple new recruits for this last event, a husband and wife. They're full of enthusiasm and suggestions for improving the group and club, etc. etc. THIS is why we recruit. They've been coming up with a lot of new suggestions, things they want to do, etc. THIS is why we recruit new people! A couple of the older members seemed like they were getting rather testy with them.

I just sent out an email thanking them for everything, suggestions, etc. Said they were great to have, since a lot of us who were just old fogies who'd been in the war too long, and were plodding along from battle to battle, and we really appreciated all their thoughts and suggestions. Got to encourage the new people! Because they are the ones that will eventually enable some old fogies like me to back off a little. After 22 years of War Between the States, I think I could use a little less responsibility.
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