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A few tasks out of the way...

Well, I still don't have all the update programs downloaded to the new computer, since I needed to use the phone, but it's pretty much set up. Except for the monitor. Chris said he had gotten a larger flat screen, so he could let me have his old one. Except I plugged it in, and saw the plug arc, and nothing would come on. I said "I have a bad feeling about this thing..." and he kept insisting it was fine. I ran a few tests, then I said "No, the surge supressor is doing its job. Nothing will come on when this thing is plugged in." He finally examined everything, and found that one of the wires on the converter was exposed. Heh. I checked my converters, but I didn't have anything that had the same rating. So he went off the Fry's, and came back later saying they didn't have anything like it, either. You would think a stupid converter wouldn't be a specialty item... However, it's worth checking around, as the flat screen monitor is exactly right, and everything fits exactly where I want it, provided I'm not using the super-gigantic monitor. I may see if anyone wants a brand-new conventional monitor...

I also got all the furniture assembled. The craftsman-style cabinet looks great. I only had to reassemble it after I got to the point where I was to put the door on, and found I had reversed the (nearly identical, except for a couple almost-invisible features) right and left side panels. Which meant the door didn't fit. So, take everything apart and reassemble. My hands were sore from using the screwdriver, since (of course) the batteries for both the drill and the battery-powered screwdriver had gone dead in storage (despite being stored out of the tools). At least they were recharged by Sunday. ]

Chris helped me assemble the big oriental-style "storage divider." Good thing, because the thing was huge, and I could see how long it would have taken me, slinging around 5-foot pieces of 2" thick wood. We didn't put the casters on the bottom...yet. I'm trying it without, but I think that it's going to really need its casters. It's big and heavy, even though it slides well on the carpet.

Okay, so I didn't get to the stuff I need to reorganize in the garage. I got the housework done, the furniture assembled, some of the yardwork done, and the computer set up. That's a pretty good run for just two days, especially since I was also running errands. I'd been hoping to fix a nice gourmet dinner for Saturday, but I just ran out of time... Suddenly, it was 6 pm, and Chris and I were due to go off to see Wallace and Grommett. Oh well, another time. At least I made real breakfast/brunch both days (cheese biscuits Saturday, and a spinach omlette on Sunday). Usually, I just drink a couple cups of coffee, and I'm good until dinner.

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