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Interesting Weather...

They're predicting rain for later this week. We almost never get rain before Halloween, and I'm not happy about this. A lot of my Halloween yard decor uses cardboard and butcher paper and paint that runs. I may put off even thinking of working on the big pieces until the weekend.

Meanwhile, on the other coast, Hurricane Wilma seems to want to engage in a game of Hurricane Pinball, bouncing off all sorts of odd places, as it bounces around on its path of destruction. Next stop, the Eastern Seaboard, it would appear.

Meanwhile, I dreamed of a California blizzard, last night. Or at least a white-out that dropped a foot of snow on the Highway 17 summit, and powder at that, not wet snow. In my dream, I was even seeing an inch or two in Santa Cruz, and was wondering how best to get back over the hill and home, or if I was going to have to stay on the ocean side of the Santa Cruz Mountains for a day or two...

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