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Circe the Huntress

I think she's finally learning how to hunt. (Thanks, Ming!) And I've had this odd feeling for two nights that there was a mouse in the bedroom. Somehow, based on the size of this one, and the way mice get into places, don't I think this one was a gift from Ming. (He also seemed very surprised when she brought him a mouse.) I think it came in via the screen room, as the window is still open for Circe to go in and out of it.

I'm sitting in bed reading, and I am assuming she's playing with one of her toys, under the edge of the cedar chest. Wait a minute, she doesn't have any toys with squeakers... It got Ming's attention, and he came trotting in from the livingroom, and peered under the edge of the chest. I went to get a flashlight to check underneath, myself, and as I am coming back into the bedroom, Circe hooks something out from under the cedar chest and deftly tosses it onto the bedroom floor. She then knocks it around, then proudly takes it to Ming. It's a mouse. I can't tell if it's dead or stunned. After the mouse in the linen closet incident, I'm not taking chances on which it is. I drop a sock over it and remove it to outside. Circe was quite smug, and Ming seemed approving. Her technique has improved mightily.

I think there may be mice in the bush outside the bedroom window. She was fascinated by something out there, and spent most of the night at the window, keeping an eye on it. Before I cut the banksia down, last winter, it attracted rodents. I think I need to hack it back again, much as it will cut down on Circe's recreation. But at least she seems to be learning the art of mousing! I was pretty impressed with her technique in catching the mouse---looked like something Ming would do. But then, he IS the one who's been teaching her.

(The mouse was gone from the driveway, this morning. But whether it recovered, or was caught (or eaten) by other predators, feline or otherwise, I have no idea.)

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