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Of "shipwreck cannons" and fakes

Someone posted a picture of an alleged "shipwreck cannon" on one of the ebay discussion groups, asking for opinions on what it was. Well, I said I thought it was probably Napoleonic, and was NOT iron, like he alleged, and a few other things. There were a few items that troubled me, like the fact that it seemed too heavy, but I didn't get into them. He shot back that it was definitely at least 18th century, and that it was indeed iron, and the color was due to "paint." And that's when I started sensing "fake."

Last night, I logged onto the "Antique Cannon Superstore" site, to check their fakes page. As I suspected, they cited "too heavy for size" for a red flag. (Apparently, some often have cement sandwiched between layers of metal!) And the site owner mentioned that he'd often gone head-to-head with a guy on ebay who was suspected of selling fakes.

Well, I log onto the board this morning, and find this posting:
"For my two cents, I think “jilara’s” post is “spot on.” I also highly, highly doubt this piece is iron. I deal with shipwreck artifacts every day and there is no way, if iron, this cannon would look as good as does today after some two hundred years in the sea, unless it is a contrived fake. Iron cannons, very simply, do not fair well in the sea, nor does anything else made of iron. It’s called oxidation, and with iron, it doesn’t take long for a total “melt down.” Coral encrustation within the bore would indicate that it was on the surface of the sea bed. Sorry, but that is impossible.

"You say you think it is painted. If painted, that would really set me off. The big question would be why?

"Springfield, I know we have “butted heads” here before on cannon issues, and I wonder why in the dickens would you post this piece? Reading your posts from the past, you say that you have a great collection of cannons and other firearms dating from three centuries. Is this a quiz on your part, or more to the point, why bother to post this piece if you are such a knowledgeable collector?

"No offense, but when it comes to cannons, or other firearms you have posted here, you never accept the opinions of other posters. Now, I don’t know “jilara” from a hole in the wall, but his/her post is exactly what I would have written. It is “spot on” and it wouldn’t hurt, (would it) to listen?

"Here in Indonesia, I have seen many, many cannons, mostly Dutch, (VOC), some lantaka, (most like your fake posted a few weeks ago), and precious few of real cannons.

"You write that your friend is a collector of cannons and “not to make that mistake.” That’s odd, as what I read as posted by “jilara” was the best analysis of any cannon or firearm I have ever read on this forum, and I think your friend is very mistaken."

I'm now wondering if it's the guy from the cannon site, as the lantaka was a citation on the site as a recent fake offered on ebay. And yes, it does stroke my ego a bit to find that someone recognizes that I know my stuff (though this particular timeframe isn't my area of expertise). But then, I've been interested in cannon since I was a teenager.
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