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First, we kill all the journalists...

The word that keeps coming through all this war reporting is "excessive force." They're out hunting prairie dogs with 00 buckshot, figuratively speaking. All you get is red mist.

Thus, returning fire in a possible sniper incident using a tank, which tore through the Reuters offices probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But more interestingly, those who answer the questions have come back with the denial "We are not targeting journalists... " That denial is interesting in itself. If their intel is so good, why shots into a hotel known to house the press? And these "non-embedded" journalists were reporting the non-party line. "They put themselves in harms way. This is war." Uh huh.

Also, the tally for "friendly fire" is growing daily. It's beginning to look like it's a better prospect to be Iraqi military than civilian or coalition forces, in terms of survival. And bombing a residential neighborhood to try to get Saddam &Co? Again, hunting prairie dogs, not with with 00 buckshot, but with dynamite---how would you know unless you do DNA analysis on some red smears?

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