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The Platform Bed on hold

Back in September, I ordered an oriental-style low platform bed. It got lost for a while. A long while. Meanwhile, I parked the new mattress on a simple wood frame. They finally found the platform bed and delivered it less than a week ago. There is a giant box in the dining room, which is probably going out to the garage for a while.

For one thing, I've had it with assembling furniture, for a while. And I'd have to reorganize the bedroom again. And then there is another one that makes me think I'll deal with the new platform bed come late winter or spring.

Circe loves the current arrangement. She hides out under the bedframe (she can juuuuust squeeze in) and bats paws out under the gap. It's really rather charming to see a couple white-slippered dark brown "gloves" come out from under the bed and swat at your ankles (or the other cats). Ming has taken to fishing back, lately. I think the entertainment is worth keeping the current bed arrangement for now.

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