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Chuckle - I'm now 98

I just noticed lately that under certain settings, Yahoo displays your age. Curiously, I checked my profile. Hmm, okay, I gave my birthdate at some point. I'm sure it's used for some sort of demographic purpose, as it has lately come out that Yahoo has been harvesting information from its users, including tracking web visits, etc. I felt an urge to screw up their demographics.

So I went in and picked a likely birthday for me. I've always claimed I read more like someone from another era, so I picked one likely for me. Let's see, my grandfather was born in 1848... Damn, no 19th century dates available. Ah, that's it, I'm the youngest daughter of the family, born in 1907, after they'd moved out of San Francisco after the family home was destroyed in the quake... I have enough family stories I could probably do a pretty credible job of playing this character, even to people born around the same era.

Now the question is whether to leave this as my "birthdate" or decrement it every year, like Merlin living his years backwards.

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