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A dark anniversary ...

Jilara pours herself a double unblended scotch and holds it up to the light, gazing contemplatively into the depths. "Those who knew me then will know. Funny how twelve years is sometimes yesterday. It's probably fitting that this is the actual solar cross-quarter, if you actually plot the true old Celtic calendar, Celtic New Year, the start of the time of year they called The Gloom, when the spirits roved, and the harvest left in the fields belongs to the pookha.

"Twelve years ago, it was the start of the longest and darkest day of my life. Some who read this journal know exactly which I mean. Therefore I give a toast to strength and survival. And may we all remember that light comes again out of darkness." She quaffs the glass, not to drain it, but holds it out, as if in sharing. "Blessed be. May we dwell with light in our heart until Sunreturn."

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