Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Thank god for credit card checks

Well, it's not something I enjoy doing, but I find myself in a bind. Every year, I count on my tax refund to pay the second half of my property taxes. It's kind of like guaranteed savings, to assure I'll have the money to pay it, having enough coming back to do this.

But this year, the lady who does my taxes got sick, so she was two weeks late getting them to me. I ended up sending them in the first week of March. Not that it would have done me any good. A friend who sent his in, in early February, says he has yet to see a refund. And the way the State of California is going, I expect them to issue me an IOU. (He's gotten back his state refund, he says, but it was only $8, while mine is substantially more than that--WORTH holding onto for a while.) So presently, one day from the deadline, my property taxes are paid courtesy of Visa. I won't relax until the refund comes in and I can pay this down...

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