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Life in Motion

There is something about this time of year... I feel an urge to get out and DO things, follow the turn of seasons into something that's like catching an edge of Middle Earth.
Saturday, I went to the Santa Cruz Mountains. Castle Rock Park tends to call me. The leaves are turning, and bushes hang with red berries, and there is a crispness in the air that speaks of Eld things. The world is poised for the turn of seasons, when winter comes, and snow sometimes falls on its high elevations. The old stones huddle like ancient ruins, golden light slanting down on them. I played Uffington Horse up and back. It fits into the general feel of the season.

Last night, I put on the Uffington Horse album again and danced through its whole length. Well, actually, I did some exercise in there, too, to the less dance-able parts. But somehow, doing exercises that I am known to do in dance and martial arts classes fits in, too. There's a spark in my blood, and I must move...

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