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Vegas, Baby

I've just returned from my latest venture to Las Vegas, land of many fantasies. Every time I go there, it's an entirely different experience. This time probably counts as #4, since this spring was divided into two parts and the first part involved my brother and his wife, while the second was on the return from Utah, and was just me.

This time, I stayed for the first time in the condo that Chris and I bought together, and the timeshare condo was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped, even down to the *comfortable* sofa bed I slept on in the decorator living room that had decor I loved.

The theme this time was food and shows. The highest high point was definitely the dinner at Mansion de Joel Robuchon. It was the most expensive and breathtakingly perfect dinner I have ever had in my life, and will get its own entry here. Dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Chinoise the next night was definitely very good, but not anywhere in the same league. Add in some lesser greats like Nathan's hotdogs, the Monte Carlo brewpub, and Quark's Bar.

And then there were the shows: Skintight and The Fashionistas. I'd been wanting to see Skintight for two years, and finally got the opportunity. It was worth waiting for, a great burleque-style review, with a terrific lead dancer, a great couple backups, and lots of talented dancers, male and female. Sensual stuff, including a terrific specialty number with vignettes behind venetian blinds that opened and closed, and a good old-fashioned striptease that would have done Gypsy Rose Lee proud. I had heard some people found The Fashionistas disturbing, but I would have gone for the costuming alone. It was definitely a constumer's dream. Okay, it's full of fetishes (a GREAT number with a guy who's a shoe fetishest and a couple ladies who are shoe shopping), simulated (but clothed) sex, and lots and lots of bondage stuff, but hey, if you can deal with dancers with ball gags, no biggie. And the costuming is incredible. And wow, the aerielists are terrific!

I wandered through the new Wynn casino, and don't know what the fuss is about. Okay, the shops are like Rodeo Drive, but I like the decor of the Bellagio better. Oh well. Maybe I'll check it out more next time and see if I can figure it out. I'm ready to go back any time...

Off to the Opera tonight, here in San Jose. I seem to be on a kind of entertainment roll, right now...
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