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Best Week?

Between all the things I have done and experienced from the time I left work on a week ago Friday, until today (Sunday), I have been reflecting that this could easily be the best week of my life. It's been a collection of peak experiences, from what was easily the best meal I have ever eaten, to marvelous shows (including Opera San Jose's "A Masked Ball," which was one of the best operas I have EVER seen) to all the time spent with friends. This alone was wonderful, and I also got to bounce a lot of my thoughts off various people, to get a better grasp of myself and my life.

Then there were two Thanksgivings, one on the standard day with good company of friends, the other yesterday with my circle of Mountain Man friends, some of the best people I've ever been priviledged to know. We ate lots of food, including a *real* wild turkey, that had been shot just the day before, and was the best damned turkey I've ever had, and if anyone said it was a bit more chewy, I'd point out that was part of the experience. We had a Lakota ceremony, a barn blessing, and threw tomahawks and shot arrows at targets, and got to meet a couple playful heritage oxen my friends were raising to pull their covered wagon. Both Thanksgivings were everything that Thanksgiving SHOULD be, but rarely ever achieves.

I am truly thankful, here, for all these bounties and blessings I have experienced. It's been a heckuva week, and the fact that it was Thanksgiving during part of it is the most appropriate thing I can think of.

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