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And now, RATS

I am sitting watching the telly and hear a sudden "SQUEE-SQUEEE-SQUEEE!" from the hall. Cat owners know this sound means "drop everything and GO!" It's Ming with Circe, and he's just picked up the rat again. He's trotting toward the living room. I rush to open the front door, in hopes I can induce him to take the rat outside. No such luck. He puts it down and the rat bolts for the nearest cover, fortunately the folded chair and some boxes. I am able to set up things to block off all but one side, the one where Ming is lurking, trying to get the rat.

I then head off to look for a small box, in hopes I can induce the rat to enter, visions of a LARGE male rat loose in the house, being stalked by cats, in my head. I find a box with a styrofoam insert, with a generous opening on one side. Perfect. I return and check for rat. I still see a tail visible.

Now we start the combined effort of Ming trying to retake the rat, and me trying to steer it into the box. I am again aware that rats are much smarter than mice. This guy has decided up is the best direction, and is climbing the chair. Oh no you don't. At this point, the phone rings. Ever notice the phone will ring when you're in the middle of something really important? I ignore it and let it go to the machine. The rat is trying to go anywhere except to the box, and Ming is fishing in all the wrong places. After a long bit of maneuvering, I finally get the rat into the box and close the lid. It goes out on the front lawn, where I open the lid and head back inside. Ming is still peering into the jumble of boxes, wondering where the rat has gone. Sometimes, maybe, Ming isn't smarter than the rats...

Now I'm hoping that this incident isn't the start of a very long rat season, with Ming trying to teach Circe how to hunt bigger game. Because it was pretty obvious that was the intent of this one.
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