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Quite a storm!

The rain was practically a monsoon, last night. When I got home last night, the entire neighborhood was dark. Of course, since there was a heavy cloud cover, the reflected lights from the places that DO have electricity made it easy to see, anyway---outside.

I know where my matches are, and the candles, so I just headed over and picked them up. What was annoying was the first match went out immediately after striking. But I got the candle with the second one, and from there I lit up the whole house. Kind of nifty, having the place lit with candles. I missed the first half of CSI, but it turned out to be a rerun, anyway. There's something quite fun about the ambiance provided by candles and a dark neighborhood. Now all I need is a fireplace...

It was a pain having to reset all the electronic stuff, like the coffee maker, though.
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