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Winter yardwork

Technically, it's not winter yet, but the yard definitely needed work. Dan, who had been hanging around my place on Friday, said he would have raked my leaves, but when he started looking at the details of the yard, he realized this needed a prior consultation on what should be done. Yeah, my yard is like that.

But Sunday I got out the rake and the weedwhacker and beat it into submission. I know I'm going to have to rip up some oregano at some point, as the patch is getting some thick "thatch" that needs work. At least the bermuda grass is no longer shaggy and I've found the stepping stones again, as well as clearing the recent drifts of leaves. If I could figure a way to selectively kill the bermuda grass once and for all, I would be happy, especially since I'm allergic to the damned stuff. But no, this is California. Bermuda grass has the plant niche occupied by cockroaches in the insect world. At least it has a hard time outcompeting the Killer Oregano. The yard looks 100% better.

Then I got the first batch of Christmas decorations up. This is maybe the earliest I've ever managed to do it. Of course, one string of lights I got up and THEN found out it wasn't working, but such is life. Maybe the decorations for the other side of the front walk will go up next weekend.

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