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Annoying Computer Tricks

I would like to know why the new computer thinks it needs to reset itself back to initial system defaults, periodically. It turns off Internet Accelerator, apparently at will, and resets its internet default values so that I have a hard time downloading. I can't think of how many times I've told it to wait for 30 minutes of seeming inactivity (usually while I'm downloading) before dropping the dialup connection, only to find it's gone again, and when I check, yes, it's been reset back to 10 minutes. I've reset it in three places, including the main connectivity menu, but it always goes back to the default after a couple of days. It does the same thing with my internet login password. I have to check every time I go to log in, because it resets back to some longer string that probably goes with a connection that dials Microsoft or something related, not the one for my ISP. Again, I've tried everything I can think of to reset it, but the most it's kept my real password is about 3 days. I know when it's done this because the TotalAccess connection shortcut icon has moved. It's like it has a virus, but if it is, it's one that came with the computer, because it's done this stuff from day 1.

I swear it's a conspiracy to make you get an always-on connection, or use their pre-canned services that come with icons pre-installed on the system.
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