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Late-night weirdness

I've always referred to the house on the south side as "the haunted house." It seems to be inhabited by haunted people, first Merle and his wife, who fought loudly and threw things, and for the past 10 years or so, Michelle the Majorly Disfunctional and her kids (except when the kids were in foster care). I don't get into all the stuff over the years, but let's just say that the cops know this house well, and there is always something weird going on.

Last night, it was a pounding on my door about 1 am. The first pound I thought I dreamed. Then I heard it again, that cops/emergency/process-server sort of pounding. I stumble to the door, thinking "Now what?" because I'm already sure it has something to do with next door. On the doorstep is an immaculately groomed woman in what I think of as "lady lawyer" garb. You know, silk blouse, crisp immaculately-tailored gray flannel suit (pants, not skirt), etc. She looks confused. "Oh, I must have the wrong house. I'm looking for Michelle." "Next door," I say, pointing. "She's got my boyfriend with her." Gee, thanks for sharing... I close the door and go back to bed.

There is pounding and cursing next door, now. But I don't think Michelle was home, as the back porch light was on, and that's usually on when she's gone. Eventually, all was quiet again. I don't think I want to know.


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