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Decked like a pirate queen

Well, it's been interesting bidding on some stuff on eBay, lately. I stumbled across a gem dealer in Pakistan, who's getting gems from the local area (Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.), so for $5-15 I've picked up some cut gemstones, mostly aquamarine and tourmaline, big sparklies, five so far. Worth it just to be able to say they came from Abbottabad. And then I found this pearl dealer in Shanghai, and got a couple strands of pearls for just under $1 apiece, because they're a really new dealer, and folks probably don't trust them. Hey, I figure at these easy prices, I can afford to check out a few strands of pearls in "novelty colors." I just ask that the color doesn't rub off on my skin, if they're dyed. They certainly look pretty good, and you can't beat the price. Shipping will be the major expense. I feel like a pirate queen already!
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