Jilara (jilara) wrote,

stress reactions

My chocolate consumption has skyrocketed in the past month and a half. I am eating much more in the past few weeks than I have in the past year--self-medicating behavior? I tell myself I'm trying to be healthy--it's things like peanut M&Ms and chocolate covered dried fruits. I'm entitled, I guess. Two close friends dying and insane workloads and schedules...yeah, that needs chocolate.

Interestingly, I made what I think is the last phone call today (more and more folks of the "whoops, I forgot them! I need to..."). Andy had heard the news but didn't know when/where of the memorial---but one of his first questions was "How are YOU holding up? I know how close you and Jana were, and this has got to be devastating." I was sincerely touched.

Workwise, I'm not sure why I'm not gibbering. We found out what we have to do in the next month, yesterday. Essentially, they've developed a whole new debugger, so about half the manual set will have to be revised---by two writers, in one month. But I'm just too busy to worry about it. I'll go into hyper-drive mode, and get done what I get done, Sylvia ditto. Between the two of us and what's going on outside work for each of us (her life is even more stressed than mine), this is just One More Thing. Hopefully, no one will get sick...

Time for more aspirin. My headache is coming back... I live on the stuff, lately...

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