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Too much in the kitchen

My kitchen isn't a huge kitchen to begin with, though being 1930's, it has more space than some. But the center is currently occupied by:

a hoosier cabinet
a formica-top table
a set of large plastic utility shelves
a wire bookcase/rack
a rattan chest of drawers that I use for potato/onion storage and plastic bags, etc.
recycling bins

Did I mention that every surface is covered by either foodstuffs/condiments, kitchen equipment, cookware/dishes? And yes, I do work fairly efficiently in this kitchen. It amazes people when they see me do it. However, I really need to eliminate about half of what I currently have in there. The thing is, this is all stuff I actually use. I did manage to deal with the weird stack by the stove, last year, by buying a new kitchen cabinet. What had been there was a smallish cabinet that came with the house, on which was stacked the microwave, the toaster oven, and my crockpot, in that order. Often, I would be using all three simultaneous, in a stack! I got the microwave cabinet, and moved the toaster oven to another location, and put the crockpot away in the base of the cabinet, along with the deepfrier and my cast iron (which had been sitting in a pile on the stove). I now put it on the stove to use the crockpot.

My thought is to replace the plastic stack shelves with a rolling steel rack, moving the hoosier cabinet up against one wall. Then maybe reorganize some of the other pieces and eliminate the table, since it mostly houses the coffee maker, bread machine, electric hot water pot, and an assortment of exotic oils and vinegars. Those might be able to go on the steel shelves. Hmm, one of the biggest issues in my kitchen is spaces for devices I use all the time (like the above, plus the food processor, veggie steamer, etc.) At least I've got the mixer and the rice cooker and the pasta maker and the salad spinner out of the wa, not using counters, since I only use those devices occasionally. Hmm, this must be a sign of modern life, all these gizmos. I really should go "back to basics," since I do things like cooking huge meals with just a fire and cast iron. But I'm afraid I enjoy and use my appliances too much. Maybe because I can do the "basic" thing.

What I really need is a HUGE kitchen, with tons of storage space, like one of those ones on TV, but I have the house I have, so it just isn't going to happen. I'll just have to figure how to reorganize and simplify a bit. Maybe not keep quite so much food in the house, and devote a bit more space to storage. (Like that's really going to happen...)

I could blame this recent reorganization thing on the new stove, but actually, the stove came from the other way around: I've been thinking about ways to rework the kitchen for the past year.

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