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Already disliking Yahoo 360

A while back, I created a Yahoo 360 page, mostly because a friend who was on it wanted it, because he could send an email "alert" to me, and a bunch of other folks. So, what's wrong with old-fashioned email? Well, I did it, even connected to another friend, because it's basically a toy, like having a personal home page. But I find I already dislike it a lot, for completely non-rational reasons.

It seems aimed at the current crowd who's into "connectedness." I don't like connectedness. That's being a slave of technology, rather than making it serve you. It has very limited space for putting things that should be important (describe yourself in 250 characters??? what am I, an instant message?) and lots of space for media culture (favorite movies, music, etc.) What a lot of crapola. I also find a lot of people create these animated avatars for themselves, which make me want to throw things and not deal with that person at all. I just dislike cutsey animated cartoonies. No apologies. That's probably what really bugs me, overall. It's like people are reduced to the lowest common denominator, literal cartoon characters. (I think of an article I read about how instant messaging how has its own shorthand syntax. I think I would drop connecting with someone entirely if I was reduced to the level of "R U THER?")

And now I get an invite to link to someone whom I have no idea who they are. Sorry, but so far as I know, I don't know anyone in Raleigh, NC. Even if we do have some shared interests. Unlike something like back in the days of the internet groups, where you talked to people you didn't know based on the interest groups where you hung out (alt.callahans, et. al.), this is like it's aimed only at "connecting" people. What the heck? What's the point in that? It's like an online cocktail party, lots of noise---what a waste of time. I mean, what if I link to this person so we can chat, and then decide I don't want to be linked? I haven't found a setting for "dump this link" as yet.

I also recently made the mistake of joining OkCupid because I liked their quizes. My mistake. I now am betting a slew of personal ads coming in as essentially solicited spam, along with the notifications of new quizes. Live and learn.

Honestly, the age of connectivity is starting to annoy me A LOT. It's like everything is one more imposition on one's life. Yeah, I'm just a grumpy old luddite who's been in tech since the net was flat...

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