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As I was doing hack and slash, I began to realize how the term "bushwhacking" got called that.

Despite the fact that all I wanted to do with Sunday was go vegetal, I knew I had to get some yard work done. Pruning, ugh. Cleaning out a patch of spengerii that the birds had seeded, and has the texture and tenacity of wire. This may require something drastic, like a strategic application of Roundup, very carefully applied since it's wound around one of my favorite rose bushes. I didn't get a huge lot of leaves and devil grass (bermuda grass by any other name) out of the beds, but I did get a lot of weeds.

And then I turned to The Jungle. There is nothing like the right tool for the job, and the right tool in this case was a machete. I found one at Orchard Supply, last week, and brought it home. The Jungle is this overgrown mass of jasmine bushes and Banksia rose that grows hugely every year. I had the Banksia down to a nub, last year, and there were 12 foot canes again. I couldn't even get into the mass, though at least it wasn't up to the roof, like last time. So I got out the machete and started hacking. This is the form of "gardening" I find I like best, sort of like sword work. For a lot of the Jungle, two-handed great sword technique seemed to work best, while some responded gratifyingly to "the Bellatrix snap." I hauled a huge pile of dismembered greenery out to the curb for the composters, then whacked it down to size in situ, using the machete again. I have developed a resentment toward the rose and jasmine jungle, despite their lovely flowers, so I attacked with great enthusiasm. Yessiree, this is my kind of gardening.

Next stop, light-sabering the shrubs next to the driveway. Um, I mean using the electric hedge trimmer.

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