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Are Fashionistas Born this Stupid?

I made the mistake of starting to watch something on E! (first mistake, right there) on "Fashion Do's and Don'ts." Okay, I can deal with some 25-year-old fashionista telling me that men's suspenders are right out, and talking about what a turn-off they are *for her* when I find them a huge turn-on (and yes, we're talking erotic, here). (A friend kids me about liking Mal on Firefly because he looks "Damned fine in those braces of his.")

But then we get the comment on fanny packs. I can see them being unfashionable. No, what got me turning this program off was the fact the commentator proved that she was an idiot. She said, and I quote: "I mean, what could possibly be so important you have to keep it on your person at all times?"

Um, HELLO, Miss Not-the-Sense-God-Gave-a-Fly. Driver's license? Or Identity Card, for those not having same. Credit cards? Money? Maybe YOU trust your fellow man not rip you off, steal your identity, and empty your bank account, but I don't. I've been in places where the only way you can carry a *purse* is against your chest, with your arms folded over it. Sorry, but not getting robbed may not be compatible with a fashion statement, but most of us don't have bodyguards, and sometimes have to go into areas that are...dubious at best. Wake up and smell the coffee, dingbat!

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