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Foodie thoughts

I haven't gotten to try the new KitchenAid mixer, yet. I got it for about half of what one normally goes for, off ebay, new in the box. In black, of course. Since mixers rarely go that low on ebay, I know this one was intended for me by the forces of destiny. I was going to do cookies, last night, but various things came up.

So I ended up cooking for a friend, using the wok burner on the new stove, which meant I got to use my new wok spade, which I had picked up at lunch at the Oriental restaurant supply store. I've really needed one of these for years, rather than using a slotted teflon thingie. I did something semi-Thai, meaning I had some Thai spice mix, ground turkey, tofu, and veggies. So I stir-fried it all with some fish sauce, and got a result I was extremely pleased with. I've never been able to do such perfect stir-fries before I got that special burner!

Tonight, if my phone doesn't keep me busy all evening, I hope to finally audition the new mixer. There are cookie recipes in the Mrs. Fields cookbook calling to me.

I'm finding I need to really do some serious re-evaluation of my cake cookbooks. I noticed when I went looking for a good cake recipe, recently, that most of them feature those heavy, greasy, overly-sweetened American-style cakes, basically just another sort of cake like you get from a Duncan Hines mix. I've never much liked them. When I have to choke down birthday cake or other special occasion cakes, I take small pieces, and leave the icing and pick at the cake. I like European or Oriental-style cakes---and angel food cake is my favorite! I may get rid of "The Cake Bible" because very little in the book actually looks appealing. Too much fat, too much sugar.

Hmm, now there's a thought. Maybe I can locate my angelfood cake pan and try that, sometime in the near future. Just the sort of thing the new mixer would do well on...

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