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Again, the schedule insanity

They finished the "update" to one of our main tools, last week. When I opened it in the latest release, a sense of dread filled me. It wasn't an update, it was a brand new tool, with multitudinous new menus, none of which were really explained. I finished assessing doc impact today.
Major rewrite of three manuals, minor impact on two more, and new help files needed. This in addition to all the other new functionality. Did I mention that this is due in two weeks?
I sent my boss and his boss an email saying "Pick which manuals you want most, because you won't get them all." Then suggested that since we can't actually get time on the product (even the QA guys are fighting for slots in the middle of the night--forget days) we drop the tutorials manuals for this release. Folks are not going to be happy. But if Sylvia and I worked 24/7 until the release, we still wouldn't get everything done. Because we're only two people.
I suppose this means I'll get a negative review, next time through... I don't care, because I know where even MY limits are, and most other writers wouldn't be able to cope as well as I do...

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