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Burning the Records of the Republic

That is not my quote, but rather a person on the news today (didn't catch his name, but he's a political historian and researcher). He says that "King George" is burning the records of the Republic. This is in reference to the fact that on Shrub's orders, the CIA and other bodies are going into libraries and national archives and removing documents, which they now have declared to be Classified. We are not even talking about recent documents, but often records going back 30 years or more. Things they are afraid, apparently, will reflect too much on what the gov has been actually doing. This includes press reports. Apparently, the Reagan Library is one of those where HUGE amounts of records are being purged. There have also been orders that no records will be restored without express orders of the President. He has tested the waters, and encountered no real opposition to his actions so far, and now extends his reach yet again, unchecked by public outrage. Power lies with him, and he can and will use it, uncaring whether it is his by right.

It's Here, the New Order, and we stand at the entry of the Death of Democracy, the downfall of the Republic bought in blood by our forefathers. The guy on the radio cited exactly these actions that were specified in the original Declaration of Independance, among the grievances and abuses of power exercised by King George III. One by one, the pillars of the original Republic, founded on the premise that All Men are Created Equal, and endowed with Inalienable Rights, are tumbled from within. How long until the roof of that Temple of Freedom collapses entirely? Must we move to win it again from the hands of those who would return us to the Rule of the Elite? And at what cost?

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