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Luxury for Less!

Hmm, the mattress that started an entire chain reaction has gotten me into a new shopping trend. I have discovered online outlet stores, with super deep, deep discounts. On the way to buying new sheets for the extra-deep mattress, I bought some remaindered luxury bedding, the sorts of stuff I lusted over but gasped at prices. Well, if you're willing to mix and match pieces, you can get amazing stuff at 50-70% off. I got some terrific embroidered sheets and pillow cases, and a fitted sheet, all in ivory, but from different sets. They go together just fine, and wow...these things are sensuous. You don't want to ever get out of bed!

And then came the European matelasse coverlet, marked down to $39.99 from $240, at the Soft Surroundings online outlet, accompanied by formerly expensive ballet shoes, a handwoven skirt, angora socks, and a silk velvet jacket. All at below Ross Dress-for-Less prices. This could get addictive. I've always liked the Best in textiles, and I think I've found a new way to indulge it (other than eBay).

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