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Bee Guild

I have (courtesy of the Master Gardener plant sale, last weekend) discovered the Santa Clara County Beekeeper's Guild. The once and future beekeepers all meet once a month, except in the summer. I not only joined, but am now on the swarm list, for if it ever stops raining long enough for the bees to swarm. According to the local beekeepers, the bees haven't even been building swarm cells in the hives. The weather is just too nasty, lately.

Anyway, I signed up to cover the Milpitas area, which currently has no one retrieving swarms from there. This works out for me, since I work right next to Milpitas, meaning the likelyhood of a swarm while I'm at work being 5 in 7, I can just light out and be there with a box. I can keep a bee box and some gloves in my car, and since I work bees in minimal gear, it's no problem. Maybe I should keep a gong in my car, though, to avoid climbing trees. Apparently, the old story of banging pans of gongs to bring the swarm to ground is actualy true.

Great bunch of people. All beekeepers are instant friends. We're a special breed.

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