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Relationship meme

Not tagged on this one, but it's interesting...

Wow, these folks think conventionally...

1. On what date do you usually do the deed?
From Never (5 1/2 years of a celebate relationship) to "What's a date? We've been working gate together at events for a while, and well, this evolved..." Ah, the SCA, when I was much younger.

2. Have you ever fooled around with another person of your own gender?
Define "fooling around." Had sex with? How about "never." Several instances of "fooling around," though.

3. Should you ever give a relationship a second chance?
And third and fourth, sometimes. Most of mine have open possibilities for down the line, as people evolve. However, when they turn gay, that often closes that door...

4. Have you ever fooled around with a co-worker?
Super-bad idea. Could poison the workplace.
Subordinates in SCA office/functions, yeah, a couple times---but we were pulling gate shifts a 3 am (see above)...

5. Who ended your last relationship?
Usually it's me. And my "relationships" are ambiguous enough I'm not even sure some are ended or not...including currently. Often, somewhere along the way, lovers convert to friends.

6. Would you ever have a relationship with someone 10 or more years older than you?
A couple times. Age is irrelevant. In my 20's, I dated a guy in his late '40's. One of the current ones that started as friends long ago and I'm not sure if it's on or off (long distance, in addition) is with someone just over 20 years my senior. They didn't ask about younger. I've had a lot of relationships with younger men. I think the biggest age difference was 16 years younger, and that was a long term relationship...

7. How long could you abstain from sex or masturbation?
Um, a lifetime? Seriously, if I'm unhappy enough or stressed enough, my sex drive just shuts down entirely. Poof. Nice knowing you. I know it's some sort of protective device, but I find this more than a little unsettling.

8. What's your opinion of PDA?
Meaning Public Displays of Affection? Fine for other people. So long as they don't scare the horses. ;-)

As for myself.... Where am I? Indoors, in a safe environment? Outdoors, or in an otherwise non-safe environment, do I look like someone who wants to be distracted and risk getting mugged? Do I want to have my movements hampered, in case I have to fight? (Yes, I'm paranoid. That's me.) Okay, assuming "safe environment..." Is more than one of my current partners present? How are they feeling about it?

9. What's the first thing you check out on someone you're attracted to?
Do I get stalker/psycho vibe? Do they look at me too intensely? Do they touch too much? Do I get any other subliminal body language things that say I need to be wary?

10. How did you meet your partner?
I don't have a partner. I have a few secondaries, some of whom may or may not be such at the moment (see "ambiguous status" comments, above). If you want to think of any of them as more, feel free, but you'll be wrong. I am my own primary. Therefore, this question cannot be answered,in that sense. But most are people I met through some sort of mutual interest.

11. What first attracts you to someone?
It used to be a combination of shared interests and a need to heal them. I got better on the last one, fortunately. Now it's shared interests, only.

12. What's your ideal seduction date?
Seduction date? You mean people actually PLAN this sort of stuff?

13. Have you ever had a workplace romance?
Aren't they repeating #4? Is this like the 13th floor, one that doesn't exist? Is this here to avoid a jinx?

14. What's your favorite thing about your partner?
I'll answer this one, as it's the thing in common with all my secondaries, though they aren't partners. They're people I can actually talk to. They're FRIENDS.

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