Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Dreamtime combat

I have some of the most interesting dreams. Maybe it was helped by a day of firing cannon and snaplock (my matchlock was loaned out, and I was using Dale's extra), then filling the rest with learning Roman-style spear-throwing (from the Roman reenactors, of course). (De-stressing is where you find it.)
I was battling orcs. Or at least I think they were orcs. They weren't anything like the movie version, but they were scaly, hunchy, nasty things (more like oversized svart-alfar, as I've always pictured them) who came out of the underground, and had decided it was time to get rid of the humans. I was at a Civil War reenactment when they did. But I also had one of my favorite swords with me, go figure. I also had my Enfield but not my cannon. Go figure. So I'm stuffing real charges down the Enfield, and finding I can't load fast enough, so we go to club butts, then draw sword and start fighting. Lots of great swordcombat, that crack and shiver of steel-on-steel. We manage, with our little band of reenactors, to drive off this wave of orcs, killing a good number. But we interrogate one, and find they are merely the advance troops, not the main guard...
And we band together with a bunch of local ranchers, and some other reenactors, and start fortifying an old dairy barn, which is concrete and should make a good place to make a stand. Because reports are coming in, and they're not good. I'm educating folks on tactics, and saying that bladed weapons may be better, because they're going to have to make every shot count, there are so many orcs compared to us... The orc army comes over the hill, and it seems they've killed the Yankee reenactors, and taken their uniforms. I comment that there is a strange irony in Confederate reenactors fighting orcs in Yankee uniforms. And then the waves start to break on us, and it's like something out of Zulu. I was still fighting hand-to-hand with a sword when I woke up, not knowing if we would win or not. The dream battle seemed to take hours, and I was getting very tired by the time I woke up. (The pain from the occasional sword-cut was pretty realistic, too.)
What I want to know is why I always feel so much more *alive* in these dreams, where I'm in combat? Of course, those who know me would just say it's because combat is part of who I am...

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