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Easter Dinner

I really do love feeding people. And it's been a while since I've gotten to do a proper dinner, except the times I've cooked for everyone over at Marilyn's.

I had four people over for Easter dinner last night, and was realizing I really do need a more proper dining table. Yes, we got all of us around it, and probably could have fitted another person if we had to, but gateleg tables are funky... I could have gotten one of the big folding tables out of the garage, if I'd had help, but it really wasn't an option. We managed.

I did a ham with apple/apricot sauce, gingered asparagus, a starch dish involving melon pasta, rice, blue potato, roasted garlic, and green onions (yes, I was being experimental), crescent rolls with Irish butter, and lemon mirangue pie. I feel smug that there was not a smidgeon of food left at the end of dinner. I was the only one who didn't take seconds.

Oh, and everyone wants my recipe for the carrot dip. I put out pesto gouda and baby carrots with a yogurt-based dip for while we chatted before dinner.

We finished up by watching Dragon Half and Orgasmo. Shelley had never seen Orgasmo, and found it as funny as the rest of us, who love any opportunity to re-watch it.

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