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Where lies peace of mind?

One size does not fit all. The conventional wisdom of the theraputic community is wrong. And I've told them where to go with it, in the past.

I grasped a basic fallacy in some of this thinking, recently, with regard to my own situation. I've been told that the way to inner peace lies in maintaining distance, not getting too involved in things that could cause turmoil, evoke old memories, trying to be away from certain circuits. In my case, in that direction lies madness. I've gazed into the Void. It's gazed back at me. I know what's out there. You cannot "protect" me by having me hide my head in the sand. You should not try to protect me at all. I can choose my own path.

For me, peace lies in decisive action. In knowledge. In being involved, even if it may give me ulcers at the time. Because ultimately, peace comes from knowing you did what you could, and gave it your best effort. You must choose your battles, you must choose your battlegrounds, you must be aware of your strengths and limitations. But you must not choose to avoid battles entirely because people get hurt in them. Sometimes the only way to Peace is through Battle. It's what some of us were born for.

"If your god helps the helpless, may he help you all well/
I'm bound for the Outside to find my own hell..."

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