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Hive is evolving

Yes, I think the hive is nicely settled in. I noticed some drones trying to get into the hive, last night, and the bees at the entrance kept blocking them and trying to drive them away. Poor guys, their job is done. No more freeloading. Away with you!

Saw Chris last night and told him about the hive. He said he was glad I'd warned him, because he'd been thinking of coming over and raking yard debris in the driveway. I told him it's hard to miss a beehive! And I'd set it up so that the entrance faced over the tongue of the cannon trailer, so he wouldn't be in the flight path, anyway. But I really do need to move the hive to someplace more suitable. If it doesn't get done tonight, it won't get done until after the weekend, since I'm just too busy. And every day, it will get heavier... We will see how ambitious I feel...
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