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When brains fry...

I had some great insight on how I processed my life, at lunch, that I vaguely remember as a huge "Aha!" moment. Then I came back to work, and fielded four zillion annoying things that were all coming to me at once, and had to be done immediately, if not sooner. What I have come to term the "swarm of wasps" scenario. I have no idea, now, what that insight was. It never got a chance to hang around long enough to make it into long-term memory. I've had great ideas for scenes in books that went away via similar means. Deep thought is a luxury of the leisure classes.

"It is not necessary so suggest there is no god. Merely suggest it is time for lunch." -- badly remembered from "The Screwtape Letters."

Similarily, it is not necessary to lose your mind. Merely go back to work. Your insight, creativity, and mental agility will be lost in a spate of firefighting trivial issues.

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