Jilara (jilara) wrote,

The universe and ZOT!

I am just glad I'm not the poor folks hit by tornados... But jeeez...what's with the universe, lately!

Seems everyone I know, just about, has gotten some sort of ZOT! factor. (Picture lightning coming out of the heavens with this caption on it.) Some more than others. Dead is a really BIG "ZOT!" But there are cars that die, or have major problems, or other things that hit everyone. At work, this was The Day the Servers Died. Most of our build servers, both local and across Cadence, have been bouncing up and down all day. I can't get into my work---under a bad deadline---because it can't find Framemaker. I can't run the product, because it's locked out the entire development group. Hoo ha.

My latest personal one is the cat. We had a fun morning at the vet, and the only reason she's going in for surgery *tomorrow* is because she'd already eaten, this morning, and this is not good when you need to use anaesthesia. Meanwhile, I get to administer antibiotics, because she's got a major abcess in her mouth and has been drooling disgusting things, the past day.

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