September 13th, 2002

Dancing Thru

International Conspiracy of Historians

Just back from Ireland (happy sigh). It will be at least next week before my job gets to me again.

Even better, through the usual train of coincidence and Irish good fellowship that seems to come to me there, I've been adopted into the Irish conspiracy of historians. They aren't anywhere as secretive and needing of passwords as those historical researchers in this country. I just happened to find the bookstore where lurked the historical researcher who knew everyone who knows anything in Ireland, and now have names, contact numbers, and introductions to any number of Irish historians who might be able to help in my researches. (Among other things, I'm on the trail of the mysterious and legendary Captain Gustavus Connyngham, rival and compatriot of John Paul Jones.)

I'm also now finding out about the Catholic Freemasons of the 18th century. Yes, you heard right, *Catholic Freemasons*, but this is Ireland, after all, a place where folks have never cared what the Pope thinks. I need to track more on these guys (have a contact there, too). I've always wanted to join the conspiracy (lotsa 33rd degree Masons in the family), but since I'm female, I would have to settle for Eastern Star--but I can still pull out the family connections. Yes, I intend to use the Irish Freemasons in the book I'm working on.

I love Ireland. History is so close to the surface, and people remember things that happened over 200 years ago as if it happened to their parents generation...
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