September 23rd, 2002


Out of the Batcave...

Something is shifting in my conciousness again. I find I'm starting to behave like the aging superhero who's gearing up for another go... It's the way I'm starting to get back into "must be physically fit!" mode. I practice my exercises in front of Food Network. I walk down the hall doing kung fu punches. There is a sense of urgency that gnaws at me.
I'm also starting to look at my wardrobe again and decide it hasn't had enough leather or swashbuckling touches, of recent years. It's like I'm putting together a rework of an old version of myself, like reviving and reinventing a comic book character. Jilara the Swashbuckler comes out of retirement. Why? I'm not sure. I feel like the old Vampirella reivival, where she was found living under the guise of an aging schoolmistress, broke free, and remembered Vampirella. But the old Jilara wants out again, and I'm not sure where she's going. Sure feels good, though. ;-)
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    Annie Lore: Grey Cocked Hat