October 3rd, 2002


Food weaknesses

It's always nice to have friends who know exactly what the most decadent way to spoil you is. I was in the middle of a lot of "make sympathetic noises to friends having a hard time" calls when the doorbell rang, last night. I left the current call hanging for a moment, and found Chris on my doorstep, holding a mysterious parcel. "I know how much you like it, so I brought you this..." And he hands me a pound of "Kerrigold" butter, Product of the Republic of Ireland.

This was good for squeals and jumping up and down. Irish butter is one of the most decadent indulgences in the world. It's impossibly yellow, and one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted. Break out the spoons. ;-)

(Okay, maybe not spoons, but it sure went well on another self-indulgence I'd just gotten: three-seed sourdough from one of my favorite bakeries.)
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