October 14th, 2002

Dancing Thru

Strange times in the workplace

A friend whom I've been worrying about is employed again, though not in his real field (QA or web design/debug). Also not at R&D wages, but he figures working on power supplies is at least in the field. But he had to sign a strange company code of behavior and ethics doc. It included "Yawning at work is rude and shall not be done" and "If you are handing papers to your superior, put them on his desk. Do not hand them to him directly." Gee, not an American company...
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Dancing Thru

Conspiracies most Irish

Well, I tried to do some web research (for a novel a friend and I are working on) about 18th century Irish freemasons.

There are some truly weird things (and scary things) that turn up along the way. I'm not sure quite how to fit it into the paranoia and conspiracy continuum, but wow... It seems that some Irish think that there are satanic human sacrific cults led by fallen priests, modeled after the Hellfire Club (and of course with connections to the Freemasons), and that pedofile priests are stealing children for sacrificing at old Celtic quarter-days. Lots of stuff on how one shouldn't believe that multiple murders are done by serial killers, because that's part of the coverup. "The upper classes have brainwashed the naive and gullible masses into believing that these sort of things only happen in books and myths. History shows us that the aristocracy, especially those with old Norman roots, have been the pioneers and subsequently those with the greatest knowledge in the studies of these dark arts and forbidden knowledge! "

It's a truly strange mix of elements that Don't Go Together. (Priests, Norman aristocracy Freemasons, Hellfire Clubs, and pagan holidays? It's worthy of some of the Japanese horror stuff in mixed religious incongruities. Sort of fundamentalist with an 18th century penal-laws allegation of what the Catholics were *really* about...) But the scariest thing is that somewhere out there are people who really believe this stuff...)
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