March 18th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Exercise for atrophied creative parts

Well, trying the advice of a friend, I'm attempting small actions to break the stress mess. (I
loved the one on the radio that was on the radio, a couple days back. They suggested leaving work early or going in late. Heh. I feel like I'm sneaking out if I leave before 7... Great way to become unemployed, too.)

I did some hand sewing for half an hour, last night. On a project that's been going too long. Good, pull mind away from standard track. And this morning I sat down and typed up a page on how my friend Lia and I met my friend Charlie. Heck, it's all stuff that really happened, nothing that requires too much creative thought, but still an act of creative writing. (I'm ambitious, I'm trying to make it humorous.) I also read the preface to Diana Paxton's "The Wolf and the Raven" last night, and three pages of the first chapter (before my mind shut down and I fell asleep over it). I only had to reread a couple paragraphs to have them make sense. And I actually remember what I read, this morning. This is a good start.
(I am not going to wimp out and go back to reading magazine articles and nonfiction, because my mind isn't handling fiction, currently. I'm going to stick with this if I have to only do three pages a night. Nonfiction is too much like handling sound bites, rather than a continuity of new visualization.)
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Dancing Thru


It was interesting with the weather at the Celtic Fair this weekend. Good thing I like adventure, because I regarded setting out into the teeth on an incoming storm as quite adventurous. By the time I hit Angels Camp, it was full monsoon. I could barely sleep for the rain, that night. And muttered darkly that I *must* be crazy, as I trudged into the Fair with a wool blanket over my head (period umbrella). While the Parliamentarians were camping in the mud (what can you expect from Puritains?), we Scots were in the *dry* barn marked "Goats." (Better a goat than a sheep!) And shortly after 10, it stopped raining, and did so for the weekend! Very good, since black powder, matchlocks, and rain don't mix well!
I left at 3 on Sunday. I was thinking of checking out the Black Sheep Winery, but everything said "NO! Get home while you can!" And as I headed down the hill, I saw why. It was a supercell, vast and black, maybe 20 miles wide and sky to ground in darkness. A small spur of malformed mammary clouds headed north. It was Straight Ahead.
However, I was lucky. It was over Stockton and the Delta, only a looming edge over highway 99. Heavy rain fell from the edge. I started thinking about highway bridges to shelter under, in case of tornados. I couldn't think of any.
Where I started to worry a little (but still found it fascinating!) was turning onto 120, heading toward I-5. Bright sunlight streaked in from the side as I hit rain so heavy my wipers couldn't keep up. Traffic slowed to a crawl. Lightning sparked to the south, then was echoed to the north. By the time I reached I-5, pea-size hail was falling, and lightning was playing in the clouds. My Discovery Channel knowledge furnished I was near a cell that could form tornados. It was scary, but kind of cool. Finally, I drove out of it, and when I topped Altamont Pass, was surprised by clear skies to the west. Yes, quite an adventure!