April 18th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Good thing I have stamina...

Even at that, I'm debating whether I can actually manage to get everything done for the memorial, tomorrow, and still go to the Heather Alexander concert tonight. Three hours might have to come out of sleep time if I do... And I'm not sure that's a good thing, right now. I am already running on the dregs of my stamina.

I was actually relieved when a friend cancelled coming by, last night, as I psyched myself to not allow myself to sit down and vegetate, but go out and get the programs printed, shop for the potluck supplies (plates, plasticware, cups, etc.), then go home and deal with calling my friend Marilyn relative to memorial stuff, let Chris know I might not go to Heather's concert, deal with email, etc. I didn't stop moving until after 11, at which point I found I had spontaneously fallen asleep while sitting on the couch, making lists.

Once I get past the memorial, I can go crash and burn... Well, as much crashing and burning as I can do with my current work schedule (which kept me at work until 7, last night).

The house is a disaster area. Which is mostly because I've had no time for frivilous things like tidying up. Maybe Sunday... I doubt the cats will let me sleep in, anyway.