May 15th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Connecting to Coast

Coast Union... High School that is... I've been going through and have just about decided to get a paid membership. You see, about 2/3 of my high school is there. And half of them have paid memberships. My best friend from grade school, whose mother taught me to drive, is there. The guy who had a crush on me. My closest friends... The once and future Cambrians.

And the irony is that I felt alienated the whole time. When I went to the 20th reunion, a bunch of folks said "We always thought you were the coolest girl at Coast!" I never had the foggiest. But such is teen angst. Okay, yeah, I got elected to student council, and was the president of the science club, and was in a bunch of plays and in a ton of clubs. And started my career as "Dear Abby" (my nickname), everyone's sister and everyone's aunt. Well, actually, I started that in grade school, but never mind. I was also "Beckman," as in "Don't mess with Beckman---she knows how to fight!" and one of the guys. I moved in (and was accepted in) all groups, but really belonged to none. But I have other friends who didn't fit, either...

I feel a need to reconnect. Because I can. Because I've lost too much, lately. I don't want to feel cut off from my past.