May 21st, 2003


Sooner or later, it catches up...

I'm home, not sure if I'm being sick or just exhausted. I do know it takes a major effort to walk to the kitchen to refresh my coffee, and that's NOT a good sign. The good thing is that my allergies aren't as bad as they were a couple days ago.

Theoretically, the release finally went out last night (I fled at 6 pm, hoping that no one would grab me before I could get out of there. I ran into one of the QA guys at Costco on the way home, so I suspect he did the same thing. Those poor guys have been doing a schedule that makes mine look wimpy---12 hour days both days of the weekend. Anyway, I think that my body decided it was now safe to crash and burn. I do know I felt awful last night, completely stressed, unable to focus, but too tired to be sleepy.

I've got to figure a way to get out of tech... Get that plan in place where I can have a reasonable life and still pay my mortgage and eat. I could do this no sweat, when I was twentysomething, thirtysomething, but I just don't have that kind of stamina any more..
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