June 27th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Better than TV

Interactive play for Mom. Yes, we need to stimulate other areas of our brain, after a long day at work, engage in play activity. It helps develop better mental connections. ;-)

Currently, this seems to constitute fishing for kittens (using a string of chunky beads with a bone hook clasp), trawling for kittens (with a koshihimo, the under-obi tie---her choice, not mine, but it's already a favorite toy), and stalk-and-bat behavior (sneaking up on kittens hiding in the covers or behind pillows and batting at them with a finger). Mom is learning to exercise much different areas of her brain, this way. (It's good for the kitten, too.) She has me tossing sponge balls, too. And this morning she came out of her closet and peeped at me, cuing me that she wanted to be petted now, thank you. Yep, must train those pet owners.

Hobbes has now figured out that something is different in the house, but he hasn't been able to put his paw on what... The vibes are different, but what's going on? Meanwhile, Ming was allowed to peer around a corner, this time resulting in two hisses ("you swear at me, and I'll swear back!" she says) and abrupt departure, with a bit more dignity, this time. Circe has started fishing paws under the door. How long until Ming starts watching this? (I admit to wanting assimilation into the household as soon as possible. Though one can't rush these things.) They say you should feed them on either side of the door. Uh huh, that would be enough to make Ming uneasy in itself. He's a cat of habit. Maybe treats...
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Dancing Thru

Ragdoll Siamese character, so they say

On the way to something else, I read the character analysis of Ragdoll Siamese, since I now am owned *two* of them.

"They are said to possess a non-fighting instinct, which means that if attacked, they do not defend themselves." Yeah, they should meet up with the tournament-level cat fights around here, especially at 5 am. Ming is mellow, but he relishes a good set-to with Hobbes. "Because Ragdolls lack the instinct to defend themselves when attacked, they must be kept as indoor pets only." He's also the champion ratter of the neighborhood, and can be quite territorial. Yeah, placid. On the other hand, he makes friends with other cats quite easily. ;-)

In general, Ragdolls are not extremely vocal." Ming the Merciless was so named for his tendency to announce himself all the way into the bedroom in the morning, and hold a long discourse on how the sun is up, and you should be, too. He talks a LOT. And based on two days experience, Circe does, too. (Good thing I like talkative cats!)

Okay, whose cats did they base this on? NOT mine, it would seem!
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