July 14th, 2003


Layoffs whistling past

I'm not as hooked in as I should be. I am getting my rumors from my boss, now, at our group meeting, and having one of the engineers tell us what his contacts tell him...

Moving and shaking is coming soon. The engineer's friend has already been offered the option of working until September 15th, or exiting now with slightly better severance. But our boss said it's Real Soon, but not our division, this time. Good, because if they cut any more around here, there will be no division left to function. We're barely functioning, as it is. All of us are doing the work of five, it seems like. It will be interesting to see how things are, by the end of the week.
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Dancing Thru

Glass junkie

I went to the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival on Saturday, and spent more than I really intended, but I felt smug, anyway. I have a couple of potters whose stuff I REALLY like, plus it's always interesting to see what the glass folks are doing, nowadays. Because, once upon a time, I did both lampwork and furnace work, and learned glass is one of the most unforgiving media you can ever attempt. But I love it, and it gave me more appreciation yet, for those who come to master it.

So, I ended up with some lampworked beads, and a couple of amazing hand-blown tiki glasses, in irridescent cranberry and lime. Since most glass molds are carved from wood and soaked in water, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case with the tiki faces. I got the card of the glassblower, because I really like his work.

But I also kept thinking of my current "pet glassblower" at the local farmer's market. He'd promised me a free bead if I showed him some of my jewelery using glass beads, so I brought "Fruits of the Forest," that I made with his bead, last week. I also got a marvelous miniature vase from him, and a couple more beads for the necklace I was visualizing (using his and the lampworked beads from the festival), and also a "paperweight" style bead with a jellyfish inside.
I went home and started assembling another necklace. But I don't have proper cord, and I'm out of clasps, I find, so it's time for an order to one of my suppliers, before I can finish it. It's on a temporary string, currently. I think this one is "Blue Dazzler." When I get more beads in the right colors, I will also finish "Life's Flame," inspired by Heather Alexander, of course. It's good to be creating again. I think glass really does it for me, especially when I find a bead artist whose work goes so well with my own artistic visions.
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